Floriography - the Language of Flowers

- by Aaron

Most brides these days choose the colour of their flowers to match their outfits and the kind of flowers used in an arrangement are quite often decided for you by the season.  Of course, the latter isn't true if you're using silk wedding flowers; in which case the flowers used are decided for you…


Getting Married Abroad?

- by Aaron

Getting married on a beach abroad can be a truly amazing experience.  But, while the thought of empty white sandy coves and idyllic sunsets can be luring, there is a downside - you cannot take any fresh flowers with you.

While some resorts will supply you with wedding flowers as part of a packag…

Why Choose Silk Wedding Flowers?

- by Aaron

There are many reasons a bride might choose silk flowers for her wedding day; and some are listed below:

Hello (what else should I say!?)

- by Aaron

A blog always needs an opening - and many say that it's the most difficult post to write.  After a few posts, a blogger gets into a routine; things start to flow (on a good day) and a theme begins to appear.  Until that happens, the screen gets stared at for a long time and the keys merely gather…