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Getting Married Abroad?

- by Aaron

Getting married on a beach abroad can be a truly amazing experience.  But, while the thought of empty white sandy coves and idyllic sunsets can be luring, there is a downside - you cannot take any fresh flowers with you.

While some resorts will supply you with wedding flowers as part of a package deal and many tour operators will sell you a complete wedding package with flowers sourced at your destination, your included flowers will generally be very limited and consist of a bouquet for the bride and a groom's buttonhole.

Unsurprisingly then, many couples choose to take silk wedding flowers with them abroad. The flowers can be ordered and delivered weeks or months in advance and carefully placed to one side until it's time to pack, which means one less thing to worry about as the big day looms nearer.  They should be kept in a dry, cool place out of bright sunlight; preferably in the box they arrived in.

The safest way would be to purchase your flowers from a specialist online silk wedding florist who will have the expertise to pack your flowers for delivery.  If carefully packed, artificial wedding flowers will easily survive the journey to your dream wedding destination. But make sure you discuss this with your chosen airline before you book flights as there may be excess baggage charges.

With careful consideration, there is no reason that your dream wedding abroad won't be complemented by the most fantastic wedding flowers you could ever imagine.